Banjo PicksJanuary 2020
Regular visitors to my website will see that I’ve revamped my site and given it a makeover, “well overdue” I hear you cry! It should work better on all platforms now, but please contact me if things aren’t working as they should.

Also the eagle eyed amongst you will spot the somewhat reduced gig listings on my schedule page. I’ve been quite busy theses last few years with the current band I play with, The Basstree String Band, gigging, a tour of Scotland and Ireland, a new EP recorded and video shoots, and I love every minute of it. However, due to outside circumstances, I’ve decided to take a break from regular touring/gigging for a short while, but still plan to attend as many events, and play the occasional gig when circumstances allow, while continuing to teach. Call it a career break if you will.

Finally for now. I’m not super great at updating this with current news, but please check back for the latest info, and what I’ve been up to.








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